Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Out and about and down a rabbit hole

It's the day with no classes today, so I slept in before heading out to Eauze with Janet, Chris, Miss Jean & Richard. As it's a bank holiday in France today the shops were closed but luckily not the restaurants. I had margaret de canard with veggies and a jacket potato, followed by a tangy blackcurrant sorbet. Ok I did start with a kir and partook of a tipple or two of wine.

From there we headed to Montreal where we found a pretty square, a car boot sale, a funny little museum and a huge local church.

The rain sent us back to the chalet where we chatted before heading up to the Daisy Show (I still have no idea why they call it that), but Bobbi, Nick and Saren made us laugh and got us singing. Dinner was a fun affair with soul music which had us dancing in our seats, (thanks for the great actions Sylvia) and then on our feet. Lots of fun and laughter. We had to tear ourselves away to get ready for Movie Night.

We'd decided to go as characters from Alice in Wonderland, and I got to be Alice, with Jean as the Red Queen, Mel as the Mad Hatter (very apt) and Jo as a Cards-Man. We also picked up Jennie as our white rabbit. Julie, Michaela and Helen looked gorgeous as usherettes and their popcorn went down a storm. There were loads of fab costumes, the mask, jaws, Bollywood, 101 dalmations, starlets, handsome old time stars and so many more. It was brilliant that so many people had made such an effort.


I took it a bit easier tonight and didn't dance quite as much, I did manage to go home with a mans jacket though!

Love ya




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