Saturday, 14 August 2010

Off to Tampa

Yippee, today we caught our flight to Tampa and it was plain sailing (well flying) all the way. No delays and no hassle – that's the way I live to travel. We arrived at Tampa airport and picked up our convertible car – a VW Eos with cream leather seats. It's fab as it's nearly the same configuration as my Golf at home, apart from the foldy down roof and it being automatic! It does mean it's got an i-pod docking station in it, so we can cruise along with the top down and our tunes playing.
At Gatwick, waiting for our flight.

Here's Steve cruising down the I275 South

We made our way to meet Jo & Ian and we're treated to great steak for dinner and here I am starting to relax with my sister.

So greetings from a very warm and sunny Florida.  No cardmaking today!  But with a large glass of rose in my hand I'm definitely not complaining and having a superb holiday and we have more days yet!

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